Tijana Petrovic

The Smoothie 

Acrylic on Canvas

45 cm x 30 cm


My practice incorporates painting and sculpture. I question boundaries, intersections, and interference between social and inner worlds, as well as biologically inborn traits and conscious decision-making through my work. I play with the notions of limits, insecurities, inhibitions, and vulnerabilities with an aim to deal with common anxieties related to everyday life and turn them into something positive - thus breaking the boundaries of uncomfortable.

My interests are grounded in childhood experiences. I was exposed to the post-war atmosphere while growing up in Croatia, and I was often listening to the stories about deceptive human behaviour. As an unusually tall girl, I was bullied as many who did not fit within the the usual standards of appearance. Those experiences motivated me to think about the consequences of such circumstances, and to explore the impact of social and biological mechanisms on individual's psyche. - Tijana Petrovic, 2020

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Tijana Petrovic is a London based artist and a recent MA in Fine Art graduate from Central Saint Martins

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