Oriane Pierrepoint


Pastels on Pastelmat Paper

63 cm x 83 cm


(inc P&P)

Winner  of  Second Prize 

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Oriane Pierrepoint is a young, aspiring portraitist working in traditional mediums; pastels, oils and charcoal.  She enjoys the malleable forgiving nature of all of these mediums, the ability to layer, build and glaze the structures of the face and the textures of skin. Each portrait is treated as an intense exploration of colour, tone and composition. She enjoys building rapport with her sitters, taking rough charcoal sketches whilst chatting, filming small interviews and taking reference photos to capture their character and quirks. All of these combined are the basis for the final portrait, which is fleshed out with thick chalks or bright oils.

Her practice is ever evolving as she discovers new surfaces, techniques and materials, as she attempts to capture and represent individuals from all walks of life, through community projects and through her own practice. 2020 has proven itself to be a challenging year for all and, as lockdown rules slowly lift, she hopes to create a new body of portraiture that has an interesting and empowering story behind each painting, to exhibit in her local area and beyond. - Oriane Pierrepoint, 2020

Oriane Pierrepoint is an artist and portraitist based in South Wales, UK.

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