Judy  Pilarczyk

Purple Shirt

Oil on Canvas

50 cm x 50 cm (framed)


(inc P&P)

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My practice is focused on figurative painting and drawing where the human being is the main subject. I have always been interested in painting people as it’s the most complex and absorbing theme; I am fascinated by our mental and emotional state, philosophy, thinking, love etc.


My current paintings question intimacy as a form of self-love:

How intimate do we get with ourselves, how affectionate do we become? How much do we understand ourselves, our needs and dreams? How remote do we become when we feel lonely? How much do we love who we are when we go through difficult times?

Do we realise that no one can make us happy if we are not happy with ourselves?

I am not interested in myself as a subject for painting but I am someone who I’ve gotten to know better than anyone else therefore my paintings are very often self-portraits. Choosing monochrome or limited color palette adds more harmony and intimate feelings to my artworks. - Judy Pilarczyk, 2020

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Judy Pilarczyk is a London based figurative artist. Judy received an MA from The Academy of Art and Design in Poland and since graduating has exhibited internationally as part of group displays. Judy's work has been significantly impacted by being in London and working in the fashion department at Central Saint Martins. Judy also specialises in fashion illustration.

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