Riga Forbes

View to the Headland (2020)

Oil on Canvas

59 cm x 42 cm x 4 cm


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As a contemporary landscape painter I respond to the natural environment as both activist and celebrant. Sometimes this will take the form of conveying, via the canvas, my personal sense of awe and deep nourishment found in natural places, or reflecting how the weather dramatically influences the emotional quality of a landscape. At other times I am motivated to address environmental issues such as pollution and climate change. The reality is that our very existence now depends on our care for the Earth and our commitment to it. In making images of the land, the water and the sky my aim is to support the viewer’s reconnection with these elements in their daily lives.


I work in oils and natural resins on canvas or board because I love the brilliance, layering and subtlety of colour and transparency made available through using oil paint. Often I sketch and photograph my subjects outdoors before starting to paint them in the studio, but I also ‘invent’ landscapes and compositions just by working with the paints themselves and finding where they lead me.


The more imagery I make, the further I advance along the journey of self-discovery and mastery as an artist and I am totally dedicated to this course of progression. At the age of 49 I have raised a family, published books and finally returned to painting which was my first love, so I feel that this really is my time to emerge as an artist[.] - Riga Forbes, 2020

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Riga Forbes trained in Fine Art Painting at Chelsea College of Art, graduating in the 1990s. Riga is emerging as an artist having pursued teaching - as well as raising a family and publishing books on birth and motherhood - between the years of her postgraduate art practice and returning to painting. Her greatest muse is nature.

Riga has exhibited installation work internationally, including at Airspace Gallery in Sydney, Australia and at Limehouse Studios in London. In addition to being a finalist for the Holly Bush Emerging Woman Painter Prize, more recently Riga has show paintings in a range of spaces including Artwave Festival in Sussex.

Riga has a solo exhibition from 24th Oct - 8th Nov 2020 at the Star Brewery Gallery in Lewes, East Sussex.

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