Corinne Young

Reasons To Be Alone

Oil on Canvas

41cm x 31cm



Winner  of  The Holly Bush Emerging Woman Painter    Prize   2020

This award would impact my artistic career by allowing me to showcase my work in front of a larger audience. I am based in North Devon and whilst this has been beneficial to my artistic vision it has hindered the abiltiy to grow, due to the lack of artistic opportunities for young emerging female artists within a male dominated area. There is also a lack of exhibition and gallery space, that is why exhibiting in Zebra One Gallery and The Art Space would bring a new audience to my work and the chance to meet likeminded others and widen my social scope. Furthermore, to win such a prestigious award would enable to further develop my portraiture skills and give me confidence in myself as a young female artist. - Corinne Young, 2020

Vote for  Corinne Young for the People's Choice Prize here

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Corinne Young is an oil painter based in North Devon. Corinne graduated from Plymouth University with a Fine Art degree in 2014, and co-founded gallery and studio Jackson & Young, based in Barnstaple, in 2017.

The primary theme of Corinne's practice is portraiture, in which she uses oil paint to create rich tones and textures to bring her paintings to life. Corinne has exhibited work in Devon, London and Saudi Arabia. She has also participated in Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year.

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